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About Me


With over 25 years of household, financial and technical management experience, I've seen a lot. From small tasks to big projects, I've got your needs covered. I can help you with  organizing your office space turning 'piles into files', advising you on financial  issues, and simple home repairs. Determining the best solution for your individual needs is what matters. 

Problem Solving

 Home and personal improvements start with uncovering the gaps between the existing and desired states.  I know how complicated that can be.  I'm here to help you and your family figure out the root cause of your challenge(s) and put in place creative solutions quickly and efficiently. 


 I know what it's like to have to resolve difficult challenges that occur on a daily or monthly basis.  As a tenacious, creative problem solver, I'm prepared to work with you to find just the right solution(s) that meet your individual needs 



I can take you to/from the airport or to an appointment. 

House Checking

I am available to check on your house when you are away.  I can pick up mail, water plants, make the house look like someone is home  If a  problem arises with your house, rest assured, I will take care of it.


I power-wash  patios, decks, wood fences, outdoor carpets etc.


Furniture and equipment assembly

Technology Assistance

Setting up new systems, problem solving and general support


Call me to discuss other projects you have,  I may be able to tackle it myself  or advise on various solutions


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Dependable Dad (Rob Albert)

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